Potomac Primaries

The polls are now open for voters in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

Out among the voters, Hillary Clinton offers her hand with a smile.

Clinton: "Very good."

Obama: "Nobody else? one cafe con leche."

Barack Obama offers well, a cup of hot Joe. But its team Clinton that is now on the hot spot.

After admitting she loaned her campaign five-million dollars, losing elections in five states and switching out her campaign manager, even some of her supporters say this is not what a winning run looks like.

Hillary Clinton: "I know this is a challenging campaign here, I recognize that. It's a good problem to have."

In an interview aired overnight in the Washington D.C. area, Mrs. Clinton called her opponent untested, saying Obama has never had a negative ad run against him, while she is a battle-scarred political veteran. Obama's response? A little bit of a strut.

Barack Obama: "I started from scratch and was up against an operation that had been built over 20 years by a former president with the bulk of the democratic establishment on their side."

Tuesday's primary races in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia also test republican resolve. Mike Huckabee, asked to drop out this weekend by the governor of Texas isn't giving an inch to John McCain.

Mike Huckabee: "If we all drop out of the race and just create this coronation, then there is no election."

While his opponent says he isn't bothered.

John McCain: "I respect Governor Huckabee. I've always admired his principles and his campaign."

Marti Johnson: Tuesday's campaign events may show where candidates believe their strengths are: Mrs. Clinton has moved on to Texas, Obama heads to Wisconsin, while John McCain and Mike Huckabee remain in Virginia.

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