Valley Boy Turns Heads on the Golf Course

Jessica Nguyen, Aidan's Mom: "We kind of noticed he stood out, encourage him"

Aidan's path toward a career in golf almost happened by accident.

Right after Aidan started walking he received a plastic set of toy clubs. As they say the rest was history.

Coach Raul: "The first swing I could not believe it."

His coach Raul Quezada calls Aidan's form flawless for someone his age.

Coach Raul: "He hits shots right now that teenagers can't hit."

Jason Oliveira: "So what do you do as a parent, live at the golf course if he could."

Phillip Tran, Aidan's Dad: "I go to the range for an hour, let's go chipping green."

It's not just Aidan's golf swing that has drawn comparisons to Tiger Woods the two also share the same birthday on December 30th the same day Aidan turned four Tiger celebrated his 32 birthday.

Just as the world was introduced to a young Tiger on the Mike Douglas Show nearly 30-years ago, Aidan has carved out his own slice of pop culture.

This YouTube video of a then 3-year-old Aidan has been downloaded nearly one thousand times.

Jessica: "He'll tell me I made a birdie know all that stuff myself."

There's no doubt who his favorite golfer is.

Aidan: "Tiger Woods."

Coach Raul : "There will never be another Tiger but they'll be an Aidan."

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