Charter Bus Passengers

Many describe hearing a lot of crashing and banging but they couldn't see much through the fog.

Canadians Ron Pearson and Gale Walker were two of the 44 people on their way to the World Ag Expo when their charter bus got caught up in the middle of the pileup on Highway 99.

Gale Walker: "It was almost as bad on the other side over there because we heard a couple crunches and they were still coming right out here. we got away from them and slowed down a little bit but it was ticklish for a minute or two it looked like it was going to happen over there too."

Ron Pearson: "Cars and trucks going all over in front of us we were right behind here and our bus driver did a wonderful job of us getting stopped."

Gil Torres was driving the bus. He says other drivers were going too fast in the dense fog.

Gil Torres: "They were moving pretty good I'd say 60mph a good 60 everybody should have been driving 45 35 maybe."

Several drivers who escaped without injury say it was difficult to watch victims who weren't as fortunate.

Steve Pittman: "There was cars everywhere there was a couple big rigs jackknifed up front there was one car where a gentleman was trapped under the steering wheel another car a lady was turned around sideways and she was in the car she was really bad."

Fresno County Emergency Services say 9 ambulances responded to the scene. Emergency workers even heard cars crashing as they were on site.

They say they're just thankful there weren't more injuries from all the accidents.

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