World Ag Expo 2/13/08

The curious were drawn in by the sight of lettuce and basil growing out of raised tubes.

"Mostly amazement a lot of people come through, put their finger in the pipe, and where's the gravel and where's the dirt?"

No dirt's needed with hydroponics which has caught on in Australia. Water is pumped to hydrate the roots then collected, Filtered and re-circulated. It is a system born out of need.

Ian Smith, Australian Trade Commissioner: "Australia's just come out of the worst drought on record, about ten years of drought."

"We are the second driest continent on earth so everybody is conscious of it."

The Boxsell Company returned to Tulare because their exhibit was such a big hit last year.

Their farms back home resemble nurseries.

Glenn Boxsell, Australia: "Five acres is probably the largest that we've set up at the moment. That's about 30 people, full time. They grow a lot of things from lettuce to herbs to tomatoes or tomatoes, alot of the Asian vegetables."

One Australian vendor showed off a product called rechargeable solid water.

"You basically take that bag of polymer and plant it with your plants, and then water it, it expands with all that water and then that last for thirty days."

The bags can be used for indoor plants or trees.

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