Clemens Declares His Innocence on Capitol Hill

KFSN Roger Clemens legacy went on the line in four and a half hour Congressional Hearing into allegations of steroid use.

The hearing pitted Roger Clemens and his former trainer Brian McNamee in a credibility contest over allegations made by McNamee in the Mitchell report that Clemens used performance enhancing drugs.

The hearing turned explosive when Representative Dan Burton of Indiana chastised McNamee for previously telling investigators he never gave steroids or growth hormones to players.

Maryland Congressman Elijiah Cummings confronted Clemens with sworn testimony from former teammate Andy Pettitte and from Pettitte's wife that Clemens had told Pettitte of his use of growth hormones.

In the crowd were six FBI Agents and the Treasury Agent heading the Balco case an indication this could next move to a justice department perjury investigation.

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