Vietnam Vets Reunite in Fresno

The 101st Airborne division is gathering members from all over the country to talk about old times and share memories of the war.

The division was the third unit shipped to the war and it took part in the TET offensive.

More than 4,000 died in Vietnam, twice as many as during World War II.

The survivors say it's important to talk to fellow soldiers about those experiences. John Sorge, 101st Airborne Vietnam Vet, says "Really, it's part of a healing process. Many veterans didn't really deal with their experiences and I think this kind of organization helps to do that."

The Vietnam group holds reunions all over the country.

One thing they might talk about is a former member who never got sent to Vietnam. Legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix was in the 101st in the early sixties.

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