Dozens of Foreclosed Homes up for Auction

February 19th 2008 80 homes in total will go to the highest bidders. Homes in all price ranges will be auctioned and many of them are expected to go for considerably less than market value.

Neighbors we spoke with say they are more concerned about seeing these abandoned homes sell than what may happen to the value of their own home. "It's going to hit our property values initially, but I'm sure everybody in this area though we'd take a hit initially to get a family in there and get the house to where it should be cause that's only going to help us all in the long run," said neighbor Tom McCombs.

The auction is being held at the Fresno Fairgrounds in the Junior Exhibit Building on Tuesday February 19th. Registration begins at 5:30pm in the evening. The auction starts at 7 p.m.

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