Amtrak is Beefing up Security

February 19th 2008 Amtrak stations are looking a lot like airports.

Special agents in tactical uniforms and automatic weapons patrolled this station in Philadelphia looking for anything suspicious.

The agents and these explosives detecting K-9's are part of Amtrak's latest effort to strengthen rail security and minimize the risk of terrorist threats.

So far the mobile security team is only patrolling the along the north east corridor, between Boston and Washington DC.

But will eventually expand nationwide.

Fresno traveler Valerie Ceja says she would welcome the increased security here.

Valerie Ceja, Fresno Traveler: "I'd feel safer no weapons on the train. So it wouldn't bother you? No it wouldn't; it would actually be safer for passengers."

Amtrak says these new measures are not in response to any new or particular threat and are in full coordination with the Department of Homeland Security.

Fred Jackson, Coarsegold Traveler: "There's a lot of weird things going on in this world so it sure wouldn't hurt to do that."

Fred Jackson takes the train to Los Angeles several times a month, his only concern that the new inspections don't slow him down.

"It doesn't matter to me as long as it wouldn't take longer to get on the train."

Amtrak assures passengers baggage inspection will be quick typically less than a minute and travelers are not expected to arrive any earlier.

Passengers can refuse inspection, but if they do they will not be allowed on board, and will be offered a ticket refund.

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