Remarkable Recovery for the Amezcua Family

February 20, 2008 Five -year-old Emmanuel Amezcua and his mother Jessi suffered serious injuries after police say a fifteen year old driver slammed into their SUV.

The woman's older son Sebastian died days later.

The 15-year-old boy is facing a vehicular manslaughter charge for that accident.

Both the prosecutor and the defense attorney say they want to settle the case so the Amezcua family can finally move on.

Emmanuel Amezcua has returned to a somewhat normal life.

He's back at school.

His father German says the five-year-old put up an amazing fight for his life.

German Amezcua: "He's recovering miraculously is the word."

The boy struggled nearly a month in the hospital to make a full recovery.

His mother Jessi also suffered serious injuries.

Jessi showed her progress by walking out of court.

She is still wearing a neck brace.

There's an odd side effect from the crash.

Nerve damage exacerbated a small speech problem.

Now her accent has changed.

Jessi Amezcua: "When this happened it kind of amplified that. This is what we kind of ended up with an English accent or Australian or Irish it all depends how tired I am."

The 15-year-old defendant on Wednesday walked into court shackled.

Action news is not revealing his identity because of his age.

He is accused of driving his mother's car in December and slamming into the family's SUV.

Nine-year-old Sebastian Amezcua died.

Eric Schweitzer: "We anticipate a resolution of the matter."

The boy's defense attorney wants to settle the case, and so does a family that has been forever changed by a horrible car accident.

Jessi Amezcua: "We're not looking to destroy somebody's life. We just hoping to get some justice that's all."

Attorneys involved in the case would not say how they are going to settle the case.

The boy could change his plea and accept responsibility for the crime.

The minor is undergoing a psychological examination.

He returns to court in late March.

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