Pipe Bombs Found in UC Davis Dorm

3/6/2008 UC Davis Eight dorms at UC Davis were evacuated Thursday morning and a student was arrested after explosives were found in a dorm room. Four hundred students had to leave their rooms while a bomb team investigated.

Officers said they found two pipe bombs and arrested 19-year-old freshman Mark Woods of Torrance.

Police said a woman reported last night that students had possible explosive devices in a dorm room. Police received a search warrant this morning to move in and remove the pipe bombs.

UC Davis Spokeswoman Lisa Lapin said, "they have done the first phase of their investigation. So they've gone into the room and found out what material exists in the room. And now they're just determining how to remove it." Woods is being held on charges of possessing material with the intent of making an explosive device. Police are also questioning other students.

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