Special Message from Sheriff Margaret Mims

Fresno Tuesday her Fresno County family declared it 'Think Pink' day to encourage early detection of breast cancer and support for the many families fighting this disease cancer.

Sheriff Mims chose a special person to deliver her message of hope at this week's Fresno Country Board of Supervisors: Charlene Wylie her secretary. Wylie met with Action News in her boss's office jammed with all sorts of gifts, greetings and offerings of hope and support: Charlene Wylie, This is just a small piece. We get hundreds of phone calls and emails always wishing her well. She's very loved by everyone in this county." The office of Fresno county sheriff Margaret Mims is filled with good wishes and brightly colored spring bouquets. It is also occupied by a powerful ally who brought Mims' message to the County Board: Charlene Wylie, Sheriff Mims' Secretary "I was very honored yesterday when Sheriff Mims asked me to read her statement ... I too am a breast cancer survivor."

The Sheriff chose Wylie to read the message for her in the Hall of Records but in the quiet of the office she read it out loud ... again.

Charlene Wylie for Sheriff Mims: "Thank you all today, not for the attention you bring to Margaret Mims, but the attention you bring to breast cancer. And focusing on early detection."

That message of early detection and the overwhelming support for Sheriff Mims led to 'Think Pink' day Inside county offices adorned with huge pick ribbons and carried to the streets with pink ribbon magnets on county vehicles.

And returned through messages of support for the courage Mims has shown on a huge pink ribbon get well card. It is that same spirit the Sherriff acknowledges in every woman who has faced breast cancer and chose to fight it. Charlene Wylie read on from that message of hope: "Today there are women in this room who have tread this path before in various stages: I honor all of you... There is power in action, power in knowledge and power when you make decisions. Seize your power and you will feel strong not helpless.

We asked if Sheriff Mims always writes so eloquently and Charlene Wylie replied: "Yes she does" The letter includes Sheriff Mims thoughts about asking God for wisdom and guidance as she chose her path to treatment. Her faith she added, includes a reminder to live life every day with joy. Sheriff Mims concluded her message with this final thought: "Thank you for today and thank you all those who have fought this battle before. Signed, Sheriff Margaret Mims."

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