Brutal Attack on an Elderly Woman

Fresno The 68-year-old woman has been listed in critical condition since last Friday.

Investigators say she suffered serious and permanent injuries because her son beat her for unknown reasons.

The Tokumoto family lives at this quiet farm house near Del Rey.

Investigators say violence broke out here last Friday.

43-year-old Byron Tokumoto reported his mother Alice Tukomoto slipped in the bathroom.

A story Fresno County Investigators don't believe.

Chris Curtice, Fresno County Sheriff Department: "Her son was at the scene at the time. He went with her to the hospital. Like I said, things didn't add up."

ER doctors said the 68-year-old woman's face and head injuries didn't match her son's account.

They arrested Byron charging him with elder abuse.

Curtice: "She may not recover from the injuries. So it's a wait and see right now. She's still in the hospital and she's not doing good."

Late Tuesday afternoon the District Attorney filed charges against the suspect.

If his mother dies then the man could be facing a murder charge.

His first court appearance is Wednesday.

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