Battle for Hacienda Hotel

Fresno The building is located at Clinton and Highway 99, and it would be home to 300 women and children.

The City Planning Commission approved the project, the City Council is being asked to reject it.

The Department of Corrections program would be run by a private company, and would be located in the old Hacienda Motel.

Plans call for three units, one to house about one hundred women sentenced to short prison terms, about 50 women coming out of prison after serving time for drug offenses, and the third unit would house women in a drug rehab program, and their children.

A community group working to improve the area says motel drive is bad enough without this facility.

Carissa Phelps, Community Activist: "It just doesn't seem healthy for the community to have more people in need, who are in needing come into the community."

Motel drive is known for prostitution, drugs and violent crime.

While some members of the community oppose the project, it is part of a new effort to get women out of the overcrowded prison system, into facilities where they can be rehabilitated, and get back into society.

Even if the City Council rejects the plan, there are questions as to whether the city has the legal authority to stop what is in effect a state project.

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