Possible Misuse of Fresno Taxpayer Money

Fresno Bob Madewell had a prominent position. He managed the city's parking division a multimillion dollar enterprise.

The prosecutor told jurors during opening statements Madewell used three hundred dollars of city money and paid an employee to fondle her.

Roger Wilson: "She basically tried to put him off telling him not now."

"It lasted anywhere from a minute to two minutes. Time is very fuzzy there."

But Badewell's defense attorney questioned the woman's motives.

Marshall Hodgkins, Defense Attorney: "She didn't make any complaint at all until this thing evolved to the point where somebody came to her and said they are going to fire you in six weeks."

The city's stadium will play a major role in the case.

Madewell is also accused of striking a secret deal with the Grizzlies.

The prosecutor claims Madewell reduced the team's parking contract in exchange for season tickets and luxury boxes.

The defense says this was completely legitimate.

Hodgkins: "These weren't sky boxes where he was taking his wife Pamela or his family there for the night enjoy yourself eat drink and be merry. These were employee appreciation situation."

The defense said Madewell is innocent of all charges, and they may call City Manager Andy Souza to try and prove that.

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