Fresno County Home Explosion

2/29/2008 Fresno The explosion happened just before eight at American and greenwood south of Sanger.

The powerful explosion ripped the back door off this rural Sanger home, and sent glass flying around 7:00 p.m. Thursday night. Shortly after, family members got a frantic phone call. "My niece called me and she was crying and said she didn't know what happened, the windows blow up, my grandma's hurt and she was crying so we just came up over here," said family member Jose Herrera.

Firefighters say two people were injured in the blast, relatives who lived next door, but were at the home when it exploded. "They arrived at the scene to find two victims, one male with burn injuries to about 15 to 20 percent of the upper body and arms and a female with injuries from the explosion," said Chris Christopherson with Fresno County Calfire.

After several hours of investigation, firefighters determined a propane valve in the kitchen had a leak, but what ignited to cause the blast is still a mystery.

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