Woman Claims a Former City Official Fondled Her

Fresno He's also accused of paying an employee so he could fondle her.

The woman says she went to Bob Madewell asking for overtime work to help pay her rent. She cried this morning as she told the court he took her to a vacant building and touched her inappropriately.

We are not showing you the face or identifying this former temporary employee who worked in the Parking Division under Bob Madewell.

She got choked up in court as she described what she claims happened when Madewell took her to the Cherta Farms building in Downtown Fresno.

"He wasn't joking anymore I saw in the expressions on his face, he wasn't joking. When he told me he was a married man and the sex wasn't there. So that's when everything changed from joking to being more serious."

The woman testified she told Madewell she needed some extra money. Initially she described her conversations with Madewell as very casual and non threatening.

"At one point he asked me well, what could I do for overtime. Then he joked around well, you could dance on the rooftop and then he just chuckled."

Madewell's defense attorney Marshall Hodgkins wasted no time during cross examination claiming the woman made conflicting statements to officers that differed from her courtroom testimony.

"If you're telling the truth each and every time, it should be the same, isn't it. Each and every time, because it's the people that don't tell the truth that have to figure out how to make their lies consistent, isn't that right, yes?"

The woman said Madewell told her he was a former police officer and commented about letting women off the hook if they had large breasts. She says Madewell then asked her bra size.

The former employee told the court Madewell later apologized for his behavior that day and told her she would need to work overtime to earn the 300 dollars she says she never did.

The City of Fresno ended up settling a complaint she filed for $150 thousand dollars.

Her testimony will continue Monday.

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