Orosi Mother Accused of Murder

Dinuba In an orange and white striped jump suit, Nancy Ortiz cried as she heard a doctor describe how the third baby she abandoned died from hypothermia.

Several officers also testified about the conditions of the other abandoned children.

In the end, a judge charged her with murder and three counts of child abuse.

Nancy Ortiz's family avoided the media after they sat through an emotional day in court.

23-year old Ortiz is accused of abandoning three of her newborn babies in less than two years. The first two survived, the third was found dead on a cold December night.

Cameras weren't allowed inside the courtroom as one detective testified that Ortiz confessed to giving birth to all the babies and described how she abandoned them.

For the first baby, found alive the morning of February 10th, 2005, the detective said quote: "She told me the first baby she actually had given birth in the shower and cleaned the baby there. When she went to drop off the baby, she heard a car coming so she quickly dropped the baby off on a bench." end quote

In the second abandoned baby case Detective Jim Frank testified Ortiz told him quote: "She gave birth on a mattress in her room. She said Nathaniel, her son, was in the room with her." end quote

In the case of the third baby, found dead in December, 2006, frank said quote: "She knew the baby wasn't breathing normally. She said she was scared because it seemed so weak." end quote

That baby, later nicknamed "Angelita De Orosi" by the coroner's office, was found in the bed of a pickup truck.

All three babies were found a block away from Ortiz's house in Orosi.

Ortiz's attorney says her client does not deserve to face murder charges.

Michelle Winspur, Defense Attorney: "She took care of these kids she wanted a better life for all of them all three of them and this is just a tragic, tragic accident."

Some of the child abuse charges stem from her now four-year old daughter who was found wandering alone naked along a busy road a quarter mile from her house this summer.

Nancy Ortiz will be back in court next month to be arraigned on the charges.

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