Fresno States Getting National Attention

Fresno The senator is getting national attention in his call for the University to accept a six-point-six million dollar settlement in the former coaches gender discrimination case.

State Senator Dean Florez appeared on ESPN, saying University should simply pay Stacy Johnson-Klein, rather than appeal. He blames University President John Welty for the decision to keep fighting.

St. Sen. Dean Florez: "To use taxpayer dollars, put her through another trial that we're probably going to lose is probably not what we would expect from a University President."

Stacy Johnson Klein is disappointed. She assumed the University would jump at the chance to pay her the six million, after she accepted a judge's decision to cut the jury's original award of more than 19 million dollars.

Stacy Johnson-Klein: "The right thing for this community is to put it behind this community, to put it behind the Klein family. Let's all move on, that's the classy thing to do."

University Attorney Dawn Theodora told action news on Thursday the appeal was filed so the University could keep its negotiating options open, and at this point the school has no plans to have the case re-tried in court.

But Johnson Klein isn't satisfied.

Stacy Johnson Klein:"I won, they lost. It's very simple. There's a winner and a loser in a battle, and if they want to continue to fight, I'll win again. I don't care."

The California State University Trustees are scheduled to discuss the Johnson Klein case behind closed doors at their meeting in Long Beach on March 11th.

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