Gran & Navarra Plead Not Guilty

Madera Dustin Gran and Brittany Navarra are accused of murdering 18-year old Krista Pike.

The judge has issued a protective order for this case that prevents attorneys from talking to the media.

We did speak with Krista Pike's parents, who say this was an especially difficult day in court.

Dustin Gran walked into the courtroom Monday morning with a large scratch on his nose. Gran missed his last hearing because he had been taken to the hospital. A Sergeant at the Madera County Jail confirmed Gran was involved in an altercation with another inmate last week. This is the first time a judge allowed video of the 19 year old, and the first time in weeks Krista Pike's parents saw the young man accused of murdering their daughter.

Stacie Pike, Victim's Mother: "Seeing him come in was a little rattling. A little shocking, thinking that's the last face she saw."

Gran sat in front of Pike's other accused killer, Brittany Navarra, who investigators say plotted Pike's murder because she saw the 18 year old as her romantic rival. Action news is showing video of the 16 year old Navarra because she's being tried as an adult and because of the severity of the charges against her.

At this hearing, both teens pleaded not guilty to additional charges of conspiracy to commit murder, and Gran pleaded not guilty to possession of illegal weapons.

The judge also set the date for the hearing that will determine if there is enough evidence against the teens to send them to trial. Pike's parents say they plan to be there for the hearing in April and hope to one day tell Gran and Navarra how Krista's death has devastated their family.

Russel Pike, Victim's Father: "How much it hurts that they took away a piece of our family puzzle. We are all very numb still in the sense of losing our daughter."

Stacie Pike: "Everybody is going through something because of this. They affected so many lives they can't possibly understand."

The preliminary hearing is set for April 14th, but Gran's attorney says he may need more time to study the 16-hundred pages of information related to the case.

Navarra's attorney warned if there are delays, he will ask for the two teens to be tried separately.

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