Devastating House Fire

Fresno Fire fighters say three of the victims suffered burns and in just minutes, we're expected to learn new details about the investigation.

Fire Chief Randy Bruegman is here at this Downtown Fresno Fire Station to talk about the fire that destroyed a family's home.

A look inside shows there was nothing left to be salvaged, after a morning fire that injured four people.

Lucy Arias, Neighbor: "Flames coming from everywhere. Out of windows, the doors, the roof. Everywhere. "

Shelly Blackstock, Neighbor: "It looked like it was foggy outside and I told my son and he came out the door and said, no, mom, its' a fire!"

Shelly Blackstock says the mother and her three children who live in the home were able to escape and make it across the street to her house. She says a four year old boy seemed to suffer the worst burns.

"We took his shirt off and put some water on it but that's all we could do. He was burnt pretty good."

Fire fighters say six people live in the home but only four were home at the time of the fire, a mother a her three sons, ages 13, four, and two.

Chief Randy Bruegman, Fresno Fire Dept.: "The first three had fairly significant burns and were immediately transported by American Ambulance to Regional Medical Center. The two year old subsequently we've transported him as well for smoke inhalation."

Blackstock says the oldest boy showed her his burned knuckles injuries he says he got while saving his family.

Blackstock: "He said I saved him, I saved my little brother."

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