Opening Ceremonies: California Police Chiefs Association

3/4/2008 Fresno Its part of Tuesday morning's opening ceremonies of the California Police Chiefs Association.

Chief Jerry Dyer is hosting the annual conference that runs all week at the Convention Center and Radisson Hotel. 210 police chiefs and their assistants are in town learning about new technology and tactics. The chief will also share some of Fresno PD's successful projects with other agencies.

"There's a couple of areas we are trying to highlight. One of those is video policing. Not only what we've done in Fresno but what the City of Clovis has done with video policing. We're going to be highlighting that during a workshop. Secondarily we're going to be highlighting our gang efforts," said Dyer.

Later this week a 'biggest of its kind' trade show will show off the latest products available for Police officers.

Wednesday Night, Dyer will be named president of the California Police Chiefs Association.

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