Retired Judge & His Wife Held Hostage

Fresno It happened Monday night in a neighborhood northwest of Marks and Alluvial.

The circumstances are very bizarre, the victim a retired judge is close to 80 years old. Around 8:00 Monday night he and his wife opened their door to a very frightening scene.

There are no visible signs in this quiet upscale Fresno neighborhood of the terrorizing moments for an elderly couple. Sheriff's investigators say the couple heard a knock at the door and opened it up to be greeted by two men who stormed in.

Chris Curtice, Fresno County Sheriff's Dept.: "When they got inside they restrained both people. They ended up stealing cash, jewelry, and two handguns."

Action news has learned the victim is the Honorable Robert Martin and his wife. Investigators believe the suspects-who were armed with knives ransacked the home for about 10 minutes before they left stealing the victims car and leaving the area.

"Both of the suspects they believe are Hispanic, both were wearing dark clothing and both were wearing bandanas over their face."

Judge Martin is a retired Fifth District Court of Appeals Judge who has presided over several cases in Fresno County during his retirement. Sheriff's officials will not say whether Martin knew the suspects or whether the crime may have been related to any case the judge has heard.

"I can't confirm anything like that at this time but I can say that investigators are exploring that possibility along with others."

The couple was not hurt during the robbery. Their car has not been recovered. The Fresno County Court P.I.O says the court has been notified of the incident and they are taking appropriate action.

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