Record High Gas Prices

Ridership on FAX Buses is up eight percent
Fresno It's already cost me $9.00 for two gallons we all have to pay the price if we want to continue driving. Some people are changing their routines a bit so they don't have to fill up as often.

Valerie Ramirez started riding FAX Buses to and from school last week she says the rising gas prices give her little choice.

Valerie Ramirez, Fax Passenger: "Our truck takes way too much gas, and the gas prices are too high."

The results of an Exclusive Action News SurveyUSA Poll shows Ramirez isn't the only one changing her habits.

57 percent of people surveyed say the rising gas prices have caused them to change their routine "a lot". 30 percent say "a little" while 13 percent say they haven't changed their routines at all. A whopping 74 percent of people surveyed say they've cut down on driving because of the costs.

"I haven't filled up my tank, it's too expensive.

Ridership on Fresno's FAX Buses is up eight percent from last year. Transportation officials say most of that growth comes from the large number of senior passengers who now ride free because of Measure C.

FAX also has new routes making it easier for people to get around.

John Downs, Fresno Area Express: "I think if somebody finds a bus service that works for them, it can save them some money. You know, it can work. I think it's a decision more people are willing to consider with the price of gas."

Stavon Mendez says he's now riding the bus four to five times a week. He owns a car, but right now, it's sitting on empty as he lets someone else drive.

Stavon Mendez: "I save my gas what I can for work to get to and from work to the grocery store whatever. When I go out I take the bus it's too expensive."

I just paid $47.00 for a tank of gas and I'm only averaging about 15 miles a gallon.

Meanwhile, the base fare to ride on a FAX bus is one dollar.

So it's a dollar that will definitely get you much further, if you have the time.

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