Oprah Winfrey's Webcast Glitch

March 5, 2008 3:31:35 PM PST
Oprah Winfrey is apologizing for a huge glitch during the debut of her much-touted book club webcast.Monday night was the first of ten scheduled webcasts but the server crashed during the beginning of the event.

An estimated 500 thousand people logged-on but most only got to see the first ten minutes.

An official statement on Oprah's website apologized, saying quote "We are working to identify the specific causes for the problems experienced and will work diligently to rectify them." end quote.

The webcasts are a new feature of Oprah's book club.

They're designed to allow people around the globe to participate in discussion about the book.

Oprah's website: www2.oprah.com/index.jhtml