Dave Hawk's Court Appearance

Hanford Dave Hawk's Attorney says the intense coverage of Debbie Hawk's disappearance has made it impossible for his client to get a fair trial.

This morning Dave Hawk pleaded "not guilty" on charges he embezzled money from his children's trust funds.

Hawk's attorney says his client is getting an unfair perception from the public even though he has never been arrested in connection with his ex-wife's disappearance.

Attorney Mark Coleman became heated as he responded to questions about whether his client is being mistreated. Coleman says from being placed in handcuffs in front of TV cameras outside his house to having his home searched seven times, Dave Hawk's life has been turned upside down.

Mark Coleman, Dave Hawk's Attorney: "I just want people to think what it would be like if he were innocent?! Everybody has concluded that. They're sitting in their armchairs at home, they talk with their coffee and they assume that he's guilty that's not right!"

Hawk's ex-wife Debbie went missing more than a year and a half ago. Hanford police have since named Dave Hawk the main suspect in her murder investigation but never charged him for the crime.

In a separate case last June, Hawk was arrested on felony embezzlement, tax evasion and perjury charges. Prosecutors say he stole more than $300-thousand dollars from his children's trust funds. Hawk's attorney says he will seek a change of venue because he doesn't feel Hawk can get a fair trial in Kings County.

Coleman: "I think that everybody's already made up their mind and that's one of the problems is that people have assumed from the media reports they haven't read any police reports they don't know Mr. Hawk."

Prosecutors disagree, saying since Hawk's attorney waived his right to a preliminary hearing, details of the case have not been known to potential jurors.

Larry Crouch, Prosecutor: "The fact of the matter is there's nobody in the public that knows what the facts of this case are."

Hawk's attorney plans to ask to move the trial to another county once market research surveys are completed.

Dave Hawk's parents and the three children he had with Debbie Hawk are expected to testify in the trial, which is scheduled for July.

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