Teenage Boy is Dead after Fresno Shooting

3/6/2008 Fresno Someone shot a fifteen year old boy at an apartment complex on Olive and Rowell Wednesday night. Police say the teen was shot several times. He later died at the hospital.

Detectives don't know why the teen was shot and have spent the night interviewing witnesses hoping they could lead them to the gunman. "We're talking to several people in the apartment complex area where this murder occurred. Obviously one of the first questions is the motive for this. We want to see if there is any gang affiliation or gang motivation or involvement in this homicide," said Jeff Cardinale of the Fresno Police Department.

Shortly after the shooting, police stopped a car at McKinley near the HYW 168 entrance ramp. Police say it matched the description of a car seen leaving the crime scene, but the people inside turned out to be relatives and friends of the victim.

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