Autism Conference in Fresno

Some parents of children with autism believe the condition was triggered by a preservative once used in childhood vaccines.

The scientific community has not yet found evidence to support that belief and the controversial preservative was removed from most vaccines.

Just this week, the federal government revealed it agreed to pay a Georgia girl's family for injury caused by vaccines.

Nine-year old Hannah Poling has autism. Hannah's is the first case of its kind in which the federal government allowed that in Hannah's case, because of the pre-existing condition, there may be a connection between her vaccinations and her autism symptoms.

Friday in Fresno local experts said their job is to help education parents about the symptoms and treatments for autism. They say, while scientists do not yet know the cause of the condition they are looking at genetic factors, environmental factors or a possible combination of the two.

Ananda Aspen, Autism Specialist: "People are looking a possible environmental trigger and vaccines are one of the issues that people have looked at. However, there's pretty conclusive scientific research to say that there is no link."

Other local autism experts we spoke to said often times autism-like symptoms simply go un-noticed until a toddler gets a bad cold or fever and vaccines can cause slight fevers.

Ananda Aspen says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a very thorough and consistently-updated website with information on autism and treatments for autism.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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