Two Suspects in Custody for Murder

Fresno Less than 24 hours after the shooting Fresno Police have already cracked the case. It was close to this time Wednesday night that 15 year old Chrisna Long was standing in a southeast Fresno apartment parking lot when he was gunned down.

This 17 year old juvenile wanted for murder walked into Fresno police headquarters to turn himself in to investigators after learning he was wanted for the murder of 15 year old Chrisna Long.

We are not revealing his identity because he is a minor.

David Mugridge, Defense Attorney: "He's not going to make any statements but as you can see, he's not marked up, he's not cut, he's not bruised. He's voluntarily surrendering right now to the police."

19 year old Jesus Vargas of Fresno has also been arrested for the murder. Police say both suspects are bulldog gang members.

At the scene of the shootout bullet holes mark the spot of the violent confrontation. Family members and friends have started a memorial remembering the teenager. Fresno police say they are still trying to figure out what the motive may have been.

Lt. Shannon Galvan, Fresno Police Department: "We do know that the suspects were in a vehicle and were driving up and down the street a little bit prior to the shooting incident. So there could have been a confrontation that broke out or it could have been something prior. But it's real early in our investigation."

Attorney David Mugridge says family members called him this morning to arrange for the juvenile suspect to turn himself in.

"They were concerned under the circumstances that he could be at some risk as long as he was at large and they wanted to be sure that he could surrender safely."

The 19 year old suspect Jesus Vargas was contacted at Fresno City College where he is a student. He was then taken down to police headquarters, arrested and charged with murder.

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