Madewell Defends Himself

Fresno Madewell said he spent tax payer money only to boost the profits at the Parking Division. Madewell oversaw nearly 100 city employees at the time he was fired in 2006.

Thursday on the stand he defended himself against serious allegations.

Madewell: "No, I did not."

Bob Madewell denied fondling this woman in 2006 the former employee testified last week. Action news is not revealing her identity.

Woman: "He told me he was a married man, and the sex was not three."

She said Madewell took her to a vacant downtown building and fondled her later giving her three-hundred dollars. Madewell disputes that saying he paid her with tax payer money to clean the building.

Madewell: "This is where the three hundred dollar figure came in. I said you're going to get this money you rent your equipment from there and you're paid, you're done."

The prosecutor also claimed the defendant struck a secret deal with the Grizzlies. The team would give him season tickets and luxury boxes, in exchange for a cheaper city parking contract.

Madewell disagreed. He said he took his employees to the games as appreciation some nights using his own money.

Madewell: "On two of the three, we provided all the food beverages that were in the suites for that night."

Madewell defended his use of tax payer money. He even claimed no one at City Hall ever taught him how to assemble a budget.

Madewell: "I had never been provided any written direction or policy that said in that line item or in this line item you could do that."

The defense continues presenting its case Friday. The attorney plans to call police officers in an attempt to discredit the prosecution's key witness.

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