Healthy Lifestyle Campaign

Fresno Sounds like a strange goal but we're talking about weight. They've given themselves one month to shed 1000 pounds.

In the afternoon at Roosevelt High and these students are getting ready to get physical.

Nestor Cerda, Culture Director: "We just want to promote more exercise that it's fun to be out there especially with staff joining us it's a great time for fellowship."

150 students and staff have signed up for this healthy lifestyle campaign including math teacher Sharon Hart.

Sharon Hart, Math Teacher: "I just wanted to take a walk down Huntington Boulevard with a group of people that just sounded like fun."

The group meets twice a week after school for either a walk or run down Huntington Boulevard. The goal is to lose one-thousand pounds by the end of March.

Martha Solis, Senior, Roosevelt H.S.: "It's easier to lose weight with people than by yourself you have more motivation to work out and stuff."

The school is trying to encourage kids to be more active and to make healthier food choices, especially since implementing the federally-mandated wellness program which has done away with sugary and fatty foods on school campuses.

Loretta Aragon-Lopez, Principal, Roosevelt H.S.: "I think it's really important for us at school to teach our students about healthy lifestyle habits. I mean if we're going to educate them I think we need to educate them in a holistic manner."

For Junior Javier Aguilar the goal is two-fold: lose ten pounds and get to know his teachers in a different setting.

Javier Aguilar, Junior, Roosevelt H.S.: "I don't usually like get to talk to them a lot during class cause they are always teaching and stuff so I don't get to know the teacher person to person, so it was nice to see them out there too."

This is not a competition, just a way to get healthier and motivate one another. The kids and teachers will do a weigh-in when they return from spring break and tell me next year they may "up" the goal to 2 thousand pounds.

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