Looming Delegates and Running Mates

3/9/2008 Looming ever more largely are the delegates from the disputed primaries in Florida and Michigan.

Meanwhile, for republican John McCain, the only remaining question seems to be who he will choose as a running mate .

These questions and more came up on the Sunday morning talk shows.

While Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are focusing on Tuesday's primary in Mississippi, Democratic Party officials are trying to defuse the political charged issue of the disenfranchised Florida and Michigan convention delegates.

They are not allowed to vote at the convention because their states held early primaries in violation of Democratic Party rules.

Gov. Charlie Crist, (R) Florida, says "The right thing to do is to seat the delegates, honor that vote."

Not so fast, say Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean. How about a re-vote? "This is very important to let the voters vote," says Dean. But how?

Sen. Carl Levin, (D) Michigan, says "It would be very difficult to have caucuses. There's 500 sites that have to be manned. The one possibility would be some kind of mail-in caucus."

Meanwhile, the republicans are already focusing on the search for a presidential running mate.

Florida's Governor Sunday denied any ambitions for the job. "What I'm considering is being the best Governor I can for the people of Florida," Crist says.

But overshadowing all the rough and tumble of election politics is an ad that says: "It's 3 am and your children are safe and asleep, but there's a phone ringing at the white house…"

While the Clinton campaign ad may have scared some voters, it also accidentally raised the profile of the ad's young star. Her image was lifted from another ad filmed several years ago. Now she is an adult.

Casey Knowles, Obama supporter, says "I love the irony because I am an Obama supporter."

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