Cupertino officer plows cyclists, two dead

3/9/2008 CUPERTINO, CA

Police shut down that roadway while they were investigating, but has now been re-opened in both directions.

It had been closed all morning long and up until early in the evening from Balboa Road to the main entrance of the Stevens Canyon Creek Reservoir.

The CHP says a Santa Clara County sheriffs deputy accidentally crossed the center divide and struck three cyclists heading in the opposite direction. It happened at around 10:30 a.m. on Stevens Creek Road, just south of Ricardo Road.

A 29 year old male cyclist died at the scene, a 30 year old female died on the way to the hospital, and a 20 year old male is in critical condition at Stanford Medical Center.

"The problem is that people drive on this road really fast. It's kind of on the wide side till they think they can go through the roads real quick," says Campbell cyclist Stan Shiokari.

"Here, the stretch of the roadway is fairly wide with a four to six foot bike lane. This is not the most dangerous road, in my opinion. There's far worse areas, but it's somewhat surprising to find out there was an accident on this roadway," says Palo Aldo cyclist Dustin Ford.

This time, investigators have not explained why or how the deputy crossed the line and the identities of the cyclists have not been released. The sheriff's deputy has been placed on paid administrative leave, which is a routine procedure.

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