Five Years of War

3/19/2008 CNN - Washington D.C. President Bush is expected to say over the past five years the war in Iraq has been marked with moments of triumph and moments of tragedy. But he says it's a war worth fighting.

It started in 2003 President Bush declared war on Iraq. A fight, he says, was a war against terror.

Protests are planned across the country to mark this anniversary. A new CNN/Opinion research corporation poll shows 66% percent of Americans oppose the war in Iraq. With the economy in uncertain times, the poll also shows 71% percent of Americans believe spending roughly $500-billion dollars on the war effort is hurting the U.S. economy.

But the cost is more than in just dollars; since the war began nearly 4,000 American troops have lost their lives. The president announced a troop buildup last year. He called it a success during his State of the Union Address in January saying, "Some may deny the surge is working, but among the terrorists there is no doubt."

Today the president will give a speech at the Pentagon where he is expected to highlight what he sees as the accomplishments of the war, saying toppling Saddam Hussein was the right decision, and also pointing out millions of Iraqi's voted in the country's first election.

The presidential candidates are sounding off on the war. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton vow to end the war and bring troops home if elected. Republican John McCain said any hasty pull out would be a mistake.

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