Suicide Bomber Attacks Shiite Worshipers

3/17/2008 Iraq A suicide bomber attacked a group of Shiite worshippers in the Iraqi city of Karballa. At least 32 people were killed and 50 people injured in the blast, at the mosque.

Early Monday, a parked car bomb exploded in another neighborhood, killing two civilian bystanders, and wounding eight others.

The attacks came as Vice President Dick Cheney and Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain visit the country, on separate visits.

Cheney made a surprise visit for talks with U.S. and Iraqi officials, and to speak to troops, days before the fifth anniversary of the start of the war. He said the Iraqis have made legislative advances vital to the country's future, and there's been a dramatic improvement in security.

McCain is in Iraq as part of a senate delegation. So far during his trip, he's pressed the country's Prime Minister on the need for political reform.

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