Fresno Mayoral Poll

March 11, 2008 4:17:04 PM PDT
As the race moves ahead to the primary, the gap between first place and others seems to be widening. Henry T. Perea is now leading two to one. An exclusive action news poll on the mayor's race shows Councilman Henry T. Perea taking the lead in a big way. He says his door to door campaigning is making a difference.

Economic development expert Ashley Swearengin is holding her second place lead.

31% Henry T. Perea
15% Ashley Swearengin
15% Other/Undecided
13% Tom Boyajian
9% Jerry Duncan
5% Jeff Eben
4% Mike Dages
3% Jim Boswell
2% Henry Monreal
1% Ignacio Garibay

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