21st Annual Kids Day

Fresno By buying Tuesday's special edition of the Fresno Bee the paper includes pictures and stories of how Children's Hospital of Central California helps sick and injured kids.

Carter Williams might be little but she's hard to miss. The four-year-old is this year's kid's day ambassador and a heart patient at children's hospital.

She and her family spent all morning at the corner of Cedar and Nees selling kids day papers.

Stacey Williams, Carter's Mom: "We just can't imagine not having Children's Hospital here, right down the street pretty much from our house. It's just amazing place. Every time we go, Carter gets excited, if you can believe that."

Believe it, because apparently a lot of people do too. Five-thousand enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers like these hit the streets before dawn in six counties, from Merced to Tulare.

At the height of the morning commute, the money came pouring in ones, fives, even hundreds.

Every little bit is needed to keep funding the type of care children's hospital offers.

Paul McDougal, Children's Hospital: "It really directly goes to the care of kids. Kids come to the hospital every day who don't have the ability to pay for the services, so this is directly taking care of the kids."

The goal this year is $375-thousand dollars and the Valley always delivers and here's a message from the Williams family to yours.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kid's day volunteers are still counting the donations, and already they've far surpassed this year's goal.

With about 60 percent of the money counted, they already have $400-thousand dollars. This year's goal was $375-thousand dollars.

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