Bob Madewell Celebrates Not Guilty Verdict

3/13/2008 Fresno Prosecutors accused the former Fresno Public Works manager of misusing tax payer money. The jury found Madewell not guilty on 4 criminal charges.

Madewell always maintained his innocence since he was fired in 2006 but one juror told Action News she believes Madewell did something wrong it just wasn't criminal.

The judge read not guilty four times. After learning he is innocent Madewell and his attorney shared a long embrace.

"It was devastating to my family. This could have been handled in a lot of other ways. Without them coming forward ... This could have been addressed in a completely different way," says Madewell.

The prosecution accused Madewell of misusing taxpayer money by fondling this woman and paying the former employee $300 dollars.

Action News is not revealing her identity.

One juror said some of them agreed with her. Juror Trish Riederer said the payment wasn't criminal.

Madewell also successfully defended himself against allegations he illegally obtained Grizzlies season tickets and luxury boxes in exchange he gave stadium officials a cheaper parking contract.

Madewell says he doesn't want his job back with the city. He says he wants to move on with his life and hopefully learn a lesson from a very painful process.

"Not to trust a lot of people. I don't know. That's hard. That's one of the things I am going to serious think about; is what are some of lessons that could have been learned," Madewell says.

Madewell declined to talk about the prospects of filing a lawsuit against the City of Fresno.

The prosecutor in the case said he was disappointed with the verdict but respected the decision.

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