Gas Prices Change Spring Break Plans

Fresno "AAA" says a gallon of regular unleaded gas currently averages $3.61 in Fresno.

Crude oil came close to hitting a record high of $111.00 a barrel.

That's up about $60 dollars from last year. As that price raises so does the cost of fuel this is forcing many drivers to consider staying closer to home during their spring break.

Gyasi Davis just finished up mid-term exams at Fresno State. All that's on his mind is getting away for spring break.

With gas prices in California up 45-cents in the last month Davis had to find a cheaper way to get to the beach. That's why he and 56 of his fraternity brothers chose charter buses to get them to Mexico.

Gyasi Davis: "I can sleep, talk and have fun and you know, act like a college student and go crazy."

And not worry about calling his parents for extra gas money. Davis may be on to something. Jose Plascencia with AAA says many Valley residents will try to go on vacation despite record breaking fuel costs.

Jose Plascencia, AAA: "What we're seeing this year is the price of gas is prompting motorist to save in other ways."

Plascencia recommends using more fuel efficient cars, packing lunches during trips and looking for all-inclusive travel deals that include food, room and board.

Dennis Avedisian, Fresno: "If they don't do something soon it's gonna hurt everybody. It's starting to hurt a lot of people."

People like Fresno City College student Paris Vu. She wants to visit her parents in San Diego for spring break, but can't afford the gas.

Paris Vu, Student: "I'm only making minimum wage basically and gas prices are definitely half of what I make."

To give you an idea of how quickly gas prices jump in the area, gas at this Chevron was $3.61week ago. Now it's $3.65.

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