LA Weight Loss Centers Closing

Fresno LA Weight Loss tells action news due to market conditions they are closing the four Fresno area locations.

Some employees tell us they are still being told to push these products even as the doors close.

You've seen the bright bold commercials and those "then and now" pictures of people who shrunk in size using LA Weight Loss.

Now, some of the counselors selling the stuff say they can no longer push a service they know they can't deliver.

"Clients come in crying to us, we're supposed to be their savior, we're supposed to be the ones to help them, and then boom we're going to help them for a couple of months and then boom our doors are going to be closed? No way."

We are hiding the identity of these sales associates who still work for the company.

They are afraid they will be fired for revealing the news that locations in Fresno, Visalia and Hanford will soon be shutting down.

They confided in us, they've quit selling to new customers or pushing upsells because they feel it is dishonest.

"I've never lied to the clients before and I'm not going to do that. It's not right and it's not fair and furthermore it's not fair of my company that I've been dedicated to ask me to do that."

Late Friday, LA Weight Loss issued this statement to action news quote:

"LA Weight Loss will be servicing out all active clients and are in the process of notifying all of them through letters and telephone calls as well as in-person meetings." end quote

The company claims it is serving existing customers.

Last Friday this $912 dollar sale was made to a new customer a day after the manager and others were told the location was set to close.

"LA Weight Loss made us out to be liars because we're the ones who that locally have to face these clients. We are the ones that are going to have to run into them at the markets, run into them at the banks run into them on the street and LA Weight Loss is going to be sitting in Pennsylvania not caring about nothing."

Already some offices, like this one in Hanford are switching to what's being called spring hours.

Starting Monday the center will only be open three days a week.

Employees say the short hours are part of downsizing in preparation for closure. A closure these employees say they are not taking lightly.

"I understand that business is business and if you aren't making money you have to close businesses down and stuff but in the same respect be honest with your clients."

LA Weight Loss says they will be offering refunds to all active customers. You can get the paperwork to apply for a refund at the centers where you are serviced. The refunds are not for customers who are in their maintenance period, this means you are eligible for your money back if you have been seeing the counselors and getting food products from the center.

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