Anti-War Protest In Fresno

Fresno The sound of anti-war protesters echoed through downtown Fresno.

Bill Simon with peace Fresno, a group dedicated to social justice and stopping war, helped organized this rally protesting the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq.

Bill Simon, Peace Fresno: "The occupation of Iraq has been immoral, illegal, unjust, unconstitutional since it's inception."

Protesters staged a "die-in" claiming the current administration has used fear tactics that have trampled personal rights.

Amy Aston, Protester: "To get somebody in the White House that actually has a conscience and has the rights of American citizens and citizens of the world in mind."

Not everyone at this rally agreed with protester's views on how to end the war.

Jolene Sedano, Navy Veteran: "They don't know half of what goes on when you're in the military in Iraq. If they were in that situation, I'd like to see what they'd do."

Navy Veteran Jolene Sedano says looking around no one marching was carrying signs to support troops.

Sedano: "I hate it. I really do. It makes me want to cry. It makes me want to cry."

Since the start of the war nearly four-thousand troops have died. That's why activists who marched hope the war will end soon.

Simon: "There is always hope that we will make progress towards the betterment of mankind here and around the world."

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