Sting-Ray Bay Returns to Fresno's Chaffee Zoo

Fresno Here they come. They're coming this way. Here comes a big Southern.

A total of 32 big Southerns and Cownose Rays are sharing the pool this year with two species of sharks that aren't dangerous. The Rays were really popular last year, even though a lot of the Rays died.

Zookeepers made some changes this year to keep them all alive and to make it even more fun for visitors. The first reviews are all good.

Rosalinda Martinez, Stingray Bay Visitor: "I like it. My son likes it. It's very entertaining and it's beautiful the way they set it up this time, so we're enjoying it. We're gonna feed 'em right now."

Stingray Bay should be open through the summer. You have to pay an extra dollar to get in, after you pay the normal price to get in the zoo.

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