Fresno State Fans Celebrate

3/16/2008 Fresno Fresno State's Western Athletic Conference champs were greeted with thunderous applause, cheers and silly string.

Latoya Brown, Fresno State guard, says "It feels great. Nobody thought we'd be here. So our seniors led us here so it feels great."

Tierre Wilson, Fresno State guard, says "It's amazing. A lot of us still have to be pinched. This is something. We're just making history."

This is the first time the Bulldogs have earned a spot in the NCAA tournament reserved for the 64 best teams in college women's basketball.

Adrian Wiggins, head coach, says "Really proud of our University, really proud of our players. We have a really great group of young ladies and they fought hard."

The team faced some heartbreak early in the season starting off 0 and 6. However after some changes by Coach Wiggins the team won 21 of their last 23 games in the season."

"We had a lot of challenges and you know what? It was worth it. They really persevered and they grew, they got better and they're champions," says Wiggins.

And through the journey were loyal fans. John Wall, fan, says "This is a championship for Fresno. This is what we look for. This is why we go to the games and yell all the time."

Ellen Kilday, better known as the Bulldogs' number one fan said there wasn't a chance she would miss this celebration. "It's been wonderful watching them play. I knew they'd come through. I wasn't one bit worried."

Many fans said they can't wait to witness the next stage for their WAC conference champs.

Players told Action News they're going to let this victory sink in before its back to business training for the NCAA tournament.

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