Library Child Pornography Investigation

Lindsay Police say they found dozens of images of child pornography at Crisler's house in Lindsay.

Investigators say the crime happened here at this small county-run library in Lindsay. The suspect's family says they're angry about the charges.

For the first time, 39-year old Donny Lynn Crisler faced a judge who will ultimately decide if he'll go to prison for possessing child pornography. His family is upset, saying Crisler wasn't looking at child pornography when he visited the Lindsay Library in early March.

Jaime Crisler, Suspect's Sister: "He's not a child molester. Yes, he's gay, he's deaf, he's schizophrenic, he's mentally challenged none of that has been put out on the news."

Crisler's attorney is looking into whether his client is mentally capable to stand trial.

Roland Soltesz, Donny Crisler's Attorney: "He doesn't really have the ability to read and write properly. He kind of reads and writes with a limited vocabulary."

Prosecutors say Crisler was caught looking at child pornography at the Lindsay Public Library. Police later recovered child pornography at his house. While Crisler waits to stand trial, the woman who seems to be getting the most attention is Brenda Biesterfeld the librarian who turned Crisler into police only to be fired days later.

She said Crisler frequently used the computers at the library.

Brenda said she noticed the man was acting suspicious when he turned his computer screen around as if to hide what he was looking at.

Biesterfeld said she saw him looking at nude photos of young boys. She called her supervisor who told her to give the man a warning.

Brenda Biesterfeld: "Then I asked her, "And then I contact the police, right?" And she said "No." And I kind of paused and then I said, "Did you say I do not call the police?" And she said, "Yes, Brenda, that's what I said."

After thinking it over, Biesterfeld called the police anyway, believing what she saw was child pornography. She thinks that decision got her fired.

Biesterfeld: "I'm just really surprised it was such a common sense thing to do there was no question about it."

Biesterfield's case is getting national attention. "Inside Edition" was in the South Valley to follow up on the story. Hundreds of people upset by the library's actions plan to gather for a vigil here Tuesday night.

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