Teen Sex in Department Store

3/18/2008 Merced, CA Customers were shocked to hear what happened just inside the entrance a Merced Mervyn's store. Security guards called police after a surveillance camera caught two 14-year-olds having sex on the floor Saturday afternoon. "It started in the home furnishing department, the way the report read, and a customer came by and they thought they were going to be seen and then they moved to the luggage department, " said Donald King with the Merced Police Department.

Police said several customers reported the act which they believe was consensual. But many question what would prompt such a display, and at such a young age.

Karen Carlquist-Hernandez is a licensed psychologist and believes part of it is kids are bombarded with sex, especially online and some of it could be to get attention. "it makes me think of gangs- maybe somebody was trying to get jumped in- it makes me think of peer pressure- it makes me think of pornography readily available on the internet that 10 year olds are seeing, all those kinds of things," said Psychologist Karen Carlquist-Hernandez.

Each teen is now charged with four misdemeanor charges including unlawful sex, indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. "This is clearly against the law. Our job is to enforce the law, we're not going to tolerate this in public, especially by juveniles," said Donald King.

Police say the teens were released to their parents. The case will go through the probation department and will likely require counseling for both.

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