Missing Bakersfield child found deceased

Bakersfield A newspaper in Bakersfield is reporting that the boy has been found dead. Police say the suspect in this abduction was last seen heading towards Highway 99.

The Amber Alert lit up signs like this one with information about the boy and the suspect vehicle. Police are still searching for 9-year old Zane Newton. Most of the information they have about this kidnapping is coming from Newton's friend.

Police say 9-year old Zane Newton was playing outside with a buddy early Wednesday morning in south Bakersfield when a vehicle rolled up alongside them.

Investigators say shots were fired at the two boys, possibly with a paintball gun. Police think Newton was hit in the shoulder and then thrown into the car. Newton's 9-year old friend who ran from the shots told police the driver was wearing a dark mask and drove off in black sedan possibly a Honda with a white driver's-side door.

Highway Patrol Officers stopped a car that met that description outside Dinuba. The driver was eventually cleared and released. Residents who know Newton say he is a good kid and can't believe this happened in their neighborhood.

"He always came over for yard sales Adam Wages, Neighbor: I'm really shocked."

Adam Wages: "It's a great neighborhood, quite, it's sickening."

Crime scene tape lines the area where the two boys were playing. Police are now looking for any other witnesses to this abduction and asking for the public's help.

Sgt. Greg Terry, Bakersfield Police: "Paramount concern is his safety public can assist us."

Newton also has a silver hoop earring in his left ear. If you have any information regarding this kidnapping please call the police.

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