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Fresno According to Our Exclusive Action News Poll conducted by SurveyUSA nearly sixty-percent of those polled worry about losing their job in the current economic climate.

One local agency is helping people get back to work and they have some advice for job hunters.

Myth Mavry knows firsthand, finding a job is not easy. This is her second time looking for work in less than a year.

Myth Mavry, Job Seeker: "It took me about three months to get a job last year too so it's kind of hard to get into something right away."

Mavry has been working as a waitress and bartender since high school, but is now looking to make a career change, and enrolled in a nursing program.

Mavry: "It's definitely a stable career field to go into; there is always going to be a demand for nursing and healthcare."

Tamar Fagin from Workforce Connection agrees. The agency helps low-income and laid off workers find jobs. Right now, healthcare and manufacturing are among the most in-demand industries locally.

Tamar Fagin: "There are jobs out there and if you focus on demand jobs and demand industries there are jobs and there are people looking for jobs."

According to our Exclusive Action News SurveyUSA Poll 38-percent of 1200 Americans polled say a member of their immediate family is looking for work, but unable to find a job.

Tamar Fagin: "Looking for a job if you're really serious about it, is a fulltime effort. You need to schedule your day from the time you wake up until the end of the day and not let anything get in the way."

Fagin says Workforce Connection has seen an increase in job-seekers from 44-thousand in 2006 to 64- thousand last year. They get about 110 new customers a week.

She says many often make the same mistake applying for only one job at a time. She advises applying for multiple jobs at once. Preparing a good resume and practicing your interview skills.

Tamar Fagin: "An employer wants to know that if they have to spend eight hours a day with you, they are going to enjoy your company."

Fagin also advises job hunters if you can avoid it, do not quit your job, until you have a new one.

She says it gives you more security and people look more attractive to new employers, when they are currently employed.

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