Government Predicting More Midwest Flooding

The heavy rain that pounded the Midwest for three days didn't let up until Wednesday. At least thirteen people have been killed and many homes are under water.

The raging flood waters are unstoppable and deadly. In Eureka, Mo Christine Ellis spent an anxious night waiting for official word to evacuate. It never came. Christine Ellis, Flood Victim: "It was very scary, I said mom, we got to go, now, I don't know how it got up so quick."

She ended up trapped by the rising floodwaters after packing up her animals and some clothes. Christine eventually made it to dry land, but some of her pets didn't survive.

Christine Ellis: "My dogs are dead, my cats are dead too."

Across Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois: more devastating losses. The storms are being blamed for at least 13 deaths. Judy Bishop escaped with her life but fears things could get worse.

Judy Bishop, Flood Victim: "I have done nothing but cry, all day I cry."

Officials are also worried. At least 225 rivers have flooded from Texas to Ohio. By Thursday morning, 10 states were under flood warnings. President Bush declared parts of Missouri a disaster area.

"We have areas that are becoming islands, people are stranded."

The same is true in Arkansas, where nearly a foot of rain has fallen. In Texas, they are still looking for people swept away by rising waters.

"Sit and wait, sit and wait. That is all you can do, you can just sit and watch it, and hope that the water stops to fall."

Melting snows are making things worse in a lot of these areas. Levels are dropping here in southwest Ohio, but in Missouri the Meramec River is expected to crest Sunday 24 feet above flood stage.

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