Testimony Continues in Child Molestation Case

Eddie Scott is accused of sexually assaulting an eleven-year old girl in the summer of 2006.

Eddie Scott is a former Reedley College Football Player. He will find himself confronting one of his former teammates Mackey Davis. The prosecutor expects Davis to say Scott molested an 11-year-old girl.

Arturo Corona, Prosecutor: "The time when this happened was July 8, 2006"

Eddie Scott now finds himself off the field and in a court room. Scott looked at the jury, as the prosecutor laid out the case against him. Investigators believed Scott and others molested the 11-year-old girl at this southwest Fresno apartment complex. Scott's former teammate Mackey Davis is also charged with the crime. Davis accepted a deal to testify against Scott.

Corona: "I can prove it, I have me and Eddie Scott on my video on my phone."

The prosecutor told jurors Davis used his cell phone to record part of the molestation. That video will be played for the jury. Scott's attorney defended her client.

Margarita Martinez, Defense Attorney: "He's plead not guilty every step of the way. He has never once waffled the evidence will show."

Margarita Martinez used opening statements to paint the prosecution's key witness as un-credible. She said Davis changed his story several times and physical evidence links him to the crime.

Martinez: "The evidence will show there's no DNA that came back to Eddie Scott. The evidence will show DNA came back to Mackey Davis."

Friday testimony continues with Mackey Davis taking the witness stand. At this point the prosecutor does not expect the female victim to testify, but he wouldn't say why.

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