Nearly 20 Earthquakes shake the Bay Area


This comes as a new report warns that the Bay Area is not ready for the big one coming on the Hayward fault.

Geologists say that with a cluster of quakes like this - the Bay Area could continue to feel the quakes for the next several days or even weeks.

These quakes aren't happening along the dangerous Hayward fault; they are on the so called step-over fault that is between Calaveras and Concord, and all centered near Dublin. The largest was 3.2 recorded at 6:30 pm on Thursday night. No damage or injuries have been reported.

The faults started shaking on the same day that experts from USGS released a new study full of doom and gloom about the next big earthquake on the Hayward fault. They are now predicting that the damage could cause more then $165 billion dollars to properties, that's eight times more then originally predicted.

All of this has residents in Dublin being a little reflective.

"I don't want the Hayward one to go, but its one of those when it goes it goes. You can't predict it. We live with earthquakes and back east they live with tornadoes. You just live with what you get," said Rob Wagner, Dublin resident.

The quake did cause a short delay on BART trains because of the post earthquake protocol that causes the trains to stop. But the system was back up in its schedule by 8:30 pm last night.

Seismologists are watching all of this very carefully, but they do say these swarms are very typical for this fault.

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