Man vs. Nature in Fresno Neighborhood

3/22/2008 Fresno SPCA officials believe either the animal followed a food trial into this neighborhood or someone brought it here to breed with a dog.

Residents are being asked to be on alert until the coyote is captured.

Kellie Benton, Tower resident, says "I looked and it was a coyote standing in front of this gentleman's home."

Benton has had several run-ins with the coyote. She took these pictures of the animal this week. Benton said it can be aggressive.

"I've seen it chase dogs, I've seen it stalk and chase cats, I've seen it eat birds," Benton says.

Benton is concerned the animal could prey on children.

Bad news; trapping it has been very tough. Beth Caffrey, SPCA, says "They're very intelligent. They've got the lay of the land. They've done their homework way ahead of us out trying to catch them."

Caffrey says coyotes don't pose a threat to humans, but people need to take precautions. "As much as you can keep your animals inside. Keep the outside food not outside. Keep it unavailable to the coyote," she says.

Several traps have been placed through the neighborhood. Residents want to catch the coyote before anything bad happens.

"The way I feel is prevention. I don't want to see somebody get hurt before they decide oh this is a problem," says Benton.

If you see the coyote the SPCA warns not to approach the animal. Just take down detailed information on time and location of the sighting and give that information to the SPCA.

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